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Tractor Trailer / Catastrophic Personal Injury

Posted in on September 3, 2017

Bert Jessmon v. Greenwich Insurance Company, et al. State Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia. On a clear January morning, Bert Jessmon was working at the rear of a garbage truck in Ringgold, Georgia when he was pinned in between the rear of the garbage truck and a vehicle that had been struck by a commercial chipper truck owned and operated by W.A. Kendall & Company, Inc.

Bert’s right leg was mangled and Bert nearly died at the scene. A helicopter flew Bert to a Level 1 trauma center where doctors amputated his right leg and performed numerous surgeries on his left leg. Although he survived, Bert will have to periodically purchase and wear an expensive prosthetic leg for the rest of his life. He was in his early thirties when the collision occurred.

The firm zealously pushed Bert’s case forward against W.A. Kendall and its insurance company. We filed the lawsuit two months after the wreck and quickly got to work taking multiple depositions to make sure we could put on the best case possible at trial. The firm’s work ultimately resulted in the Defendants admitting liability for the collision shortly before trial.

The case settled moments before jury selection was set to begin. Rather than risk trial, the defendants’ made the largest settlement offer in American history in a case involving an above-the-knee amputation. It was a pleasure for the firm to represent Bert and his family. We have significant experience handling amputation cases.