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At Butler Prather LLP, our Georgia trucking accident attorneys hold trucking companies accountable when their carelessness results in catastrophic and fatal collisions.

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Atlanta Dump Truck Accident Attorney

Dump trucks are among the most dangerous vehicles on Georgia’s roadways. Though they provide a valuable service to construction projects throughout the state, they are also capable of causing serious injury. If you or a loved one sustained serious injury as a result of a dump truck accident, it’s helpful to know when to contact an attorney. The lawyers at Butler Prather LLP have been helping victims of truck accidents gain compensation for their injuries for over 20 years, and we are committed to helping you find financial security in the event of trucker negligence.

Common Causes of Dump Truck Accidents

Dump trucks transport materials, particularly to and from construction sites, throughout Georgia. Because they often transport materials such as concrete and metal, they’re very heavy, especially when fully loaded. As a result, accidents involving dump trucks can be debilitating or even fatal. Some of the most common causes of dump truck accidents include:

  • Tip-over. Improperly balanced or weighted materials in the back of a dump truck can make them prone to tipping over, especially while turning.
  • Backing up. Dump truck drivers face substantial visual limitations, especially when in reverse. A driver might not even see an oncoming vehicle until it’s too late.
  • Accidents resulting from flying debris. When a dump truck tips or travels at high speeds, they may send debris flying into other vehicles or pedestrians.

Finding a Dump Truck Accident Attorney

Accidents involving a dump truck can be catastrophic, and severe injuries may require long-term intensive care and hospitalization. Permanently disabling injuries may additionally require in-home assistance or care at an assisted living facility. If you or a loved one is struggling under the weight of medical bills or financial strain from lost income, the Atlanta truck accident attorneys at Butler Prather LLP can help. Contact our office for a free strategic review of your legal options today. (800) 242-2962