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At Butler Prather LLP, our Georgia trucking accident attorneys hold trucking companies accountable when their carelessness results in catastrophic and fatal collisions.

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Improper Backing of Trucks

The majority of truck accidents result from driver error. Sometimes, impaired truck drivers make poor judgment calls or take unnecessary risks. If you’re a victim of a trucking accident, hire an attorney who will investigate the conduct of the driver and the role it played in your injuries. Injuries may result from improper training or negligent hiring, which would make the trucking company liable for your injuries. Learn how improper backing can contribute to injury and how to pursue a personal injury claim.

Proper Backing

Most semi-truck drivers know they shouldn’t back up when pulling forward is an option because they’re more likely to be involved in an accident in reverse. These vehicles are not only cumbersome to back up, they also don’t have great visibility. Lack of experience, poor training, or inattentiveness may all play a role in improper backing of commercial vehicles.

Most commercial vehicles feature safety options that alert others when backing up. For example, reverse lights turn on and trucks should emit a beeping sound. Truckers must confirm these safety features are in working order as part of their routine maintenance. Failure to keep safety standards in working order may mean serious injury for pedestrians, innocent bystanders, the loading team, dockworkers, or other motorists.

Failure to Watch for Blind Spots

Truck drivers must complete training that teaches them to watch for vehicles that might enter their “no-zone.” A “no-zone” is just another term for a blind spot, where cars disappear from a driver’s view. Since semi-trucks are so large, they have blind spots in the front, sides, and rear – and additional spots while backing up and making right turns. Statistically speaking, accidents are much more likely to occur when a car is in a truck “no-zone.” An accident between a truck and other motor vehicle may be due to driver error when he or she fails to recognize another vehicle entered the no-zone.

Negligent Backing Up and Truck Accidents

Commercial motor vehicles are large and especially dangerous when they are moving in reverse. Blind spots in commercial vehicles may be as long as 70 feet, which is more than enough for a vehicle to be completely out of view of a truck driver. A semi driver may be negligent if he or she:

  • Backs up onto a sidewalk or other area designated for pedestrians.
  • Fails to maintain safety features that alert other drivers.
  • Fails to post signage about blind spots and possible danger on a cab.
  • Fails to warn other drivers of intent to back up, especially when occupying multiple lanes of traffic.

Your Next Steps: Finding a Trucking Wreck Attorney

Even though improper backing accidents occur at slow speeds, they can still lead to serious or even fatal injury. Improper backing can cause underride accidents, pedestrian or passenger injury, or extensive property damage. A personal injury settlement can help you recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, property damages, and the ongoing cost of care and rehabilitation. It also provides recompense for intangible losses such as pain and suffering.

The Atlanta truck accident lawyers at Butler Prather LLP understand that a trucking accident can have a profound and serious impact on your family’s well-being. That’s why we’re committed to helping victims of trucking wrecks find financial security and healing. Our twenty years of service to the community and victims of trucking accidents speaks for itself.

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