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At Butler Prather LLP, our Georgia trucking accident attorneys hold trucking companies accountable when their carelessness results in catastrophic and fatal collisions.

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Client Testimonials

"Hi, my name is TJ Tribble. I am from Alamo, Georgia. On December the 5th, 2017, I was in an auto accident. I was driving a big truck on a four-lane highway, and a vehicle on the wrong side of the road hit me. I tried to avoid a collision with them and in all efforts I still had the wreck, the incident still occurred. I was injured, my back, and I was out of work for almost two months, and through a recommendation, Butler and Wooten, through my wife's cousin, Tripp Nobles, and they called, and within, the next day out of the hospital, they drove all the way from Columbus, Georgia to Alamo, three hours away, to come to my house while I was on the couch. I knew immediately, I wanted them to represent me. And once they got on the case, it was just snap, snap, and then, you know, even though all the phone conversations and text messages back and forth, it was like family. I texted them one night, I believe it was on a Friday night at about 9:30, and within a couple seconds, I got a text message back, and it was "Buddy, hey," and they were real kind, and represented us well. And even through the course of it, during, the actions, filing the suit, the insurance company refused to pay the offer. And they went above and beyond and got, I'm not scared to say, several hundred thousand dollars more than what was originally supposed to be received. And I was just well pleased with them, like I said, they were always quick on the draw, and every time we needed something from them, they didn't hesitate to call or text us back and, my wife, they included her just as much as they did myself, and I'm thankful for them, and I would recommend them any time. And I thank them. And, good job, fellas."

TJ Tribble

truck/car accident

"Last fall was a tragic time for my family. My sister was killed in an automobile accident...not her fault, she was just killed. There was nothing I could do to really help my sister, but the only thing I could do to really help my sister was to make certain that her husband and her nephew had great legal representation. I told my brother-in-law that I knew the lawyer that I wanted him them to use, and he said, "We can use one locally," and I said, "No, you need to use the very, very best." And he said, "Do you know someone?" I said, "Yes, I want Brandon Peak, who works for Butler, Wooten and Peak. He is a fantastic person, hard worker. I've seen him as a dedicated Sunday school teacher, a dedicated father, and I have seen him working on cases all the time for his clients. And I want someone who spends time working for their clients and not making commercials." I said, "I don't want a television celebrity. I want someone that I know who works." And Brandon has touched our heart. He's helped through very delicate family situations, and has been a beacon for that. I could turn my family over to him and step away from their business knowing they were being taken care of. And I just thank him for all the stuff that he's done for my family and just appreciate it very much."

Loretta Dunbar

fatal accident

"Recently, I was in an auto accident, though no fault of mine. After researching several firms that were referred to me, I elected to go with the law offices of Butler Prather LLP. I was represented by Brandon Peak. Brandon and his team, in particular his paralegal, Marci Martinez, were excellent in communicating with me throughout the whole process. My case was rather complex, and they left no stone unturned in protecting my best interests with all that were involved. I would highly recommend Butler Prather LLP to anyone who is needing this type of service. You will not be disappointed."


auto accident

“They worked with me throughout the years I was with this case. They take everything to heart. They really do work very well with you, and whatever your decisions are, they stand by them. They're just a great firm and I would recommend them to anybody.”

Bert Jessmon

truck/car wreck

In 2016, I was in a car crash involving a dump truck, and I was in a coma for over seven days. I was referred to Butler Wooten from a family attorney, and within two years, I've received four settlements from four different insurance companies. I would accredit the timeliness and how quick it occurred to Butler Wooten's reputation and their experience. The biggest injury I endured was a traumatic brain injury, and which, I had to quit my job as a police officer. And while nobody could put a price tag on doing what you love, Butler Wooten at least helped me get what I deserved.


auto accident

We had to contact an attorney due to a car accident that was not our fault. We were recommended to Chris McDaniel, who has been wonderful. That is not the name of the whole law firm, I can't think of the whole name. Under the circumstances it has been a joy to meet Chris and to work with him. He was really good to us and answered all of our questions. Whenever I had just a crazy question he was very responsive. We never had to wait, and given the circumstances, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. So I'm very thankful to the law firm for helping us and getting everything resolved quickly.


auto accident

Hi, my name is Renee Armstrong. Chris represented me in court, and my case was against a truck driving company. The driver was intoxicated, open container, and hit me from behind at fast speed. He just didn't really care what he was doing, just had a drink with him. And he plowed into me, and Chris said that the company and all would have to pay for all my bills.

We won a huge amount of money. I never dreamed we'd really get that much, but we did, and I'm very pleased with the work he did. He was recommended through a family attorney here, in Warner Robins, and he came on board, and he took over my case, and he got things done. He's great!. I would recommend him for anybody.


truck accident

(My husband, Tommy) He was on his motorcycle, on his way to Alabama for a trip that he goes on every year, and a lady pulled out, just took a left in front of him. And he was coming straight, and she just...she didn't have no driver's license, didn't have no insurance. And my husband almost died. He was in ICU for almost a month, and we woulda just been without anything. Because all we got told was, "Oh, well. She doesn't have insurance and you don't have that kind of insurance with us. So here's your $8000 for your motorcycle and that's the end of the story."

Well, I was telling somebody about it and when he said, "No, you need to speak to this attorney, and maybe, you know, there's something he can do to help you." And so we did, and that's where we met Mr. Snyder, and he just took it all off our heads. We didn't have have to worry about nothing after that, and he got us a lot of money, more money than I thought we'd ever get. You know, doesn't pay for what happened to him, the lady, but it helped. It helps our financial situation, because, for one thing, he's never gonna be the same, never gonna be able to do what he, you know, always did, 100%. So we lost a lot, the rest of his life, we lost a big income. That's how I look at it. The rest of his life, we've lost a large part of our income. So if it wasn't for your law firm, we wouldn't have anything. And you did awesome, it was just great being with Julie. It was great every time I talked to Mr. Snyder. It was just a great experience, a bad experience made great for me, which is...I shouldn't say it like that, but it was a's a good thing. This is a good, good law firm. 


motorcycle accident

I was in a car wreck, and I contacted Butler Prather LLP. Brandon Peak was my attorney, along with his paralegal, Marci. They went beyond, above and beyond, to help me. Whenever I needed questions, whenever I had to come to the office, they were always there for me. They were never late. I did not have to wait. And they were just, It's just a nice law firm that really care about their clients, and I would highly recommend them to my family, my friends, my coworkers, my church family, Anyone who would need a lawyer, I suggest you all to give them a call. Thank you.


car accident

Douglas: We originally had a lawyer working with us to help us with our health insurance and he thought we might have a product liability case and recommended the firm of Butler Wooten to us.

Lynn: I was just really impressed with the thoroughness of everything they did. We didn't find out, some of it, until later on after the case was over. Like, buying back to the car that was in the wreck and they just made that in time so that they'd have evidence. Things like that, they did way in advance, we weren't even aware of. I just think their thoroughness and the way they treat the people they're working with is to be highly recommended.

Douglas: I think because of their experience, they knew exactly what they needed to do and they took care of it. Very professional. We'd be happy to recommend Butler Wooten. They were just tremendous.


product liability

Dear Mr. Butler,
For the past several weeks I have watched with great interest, the trial of Moseley vs. General Motors. Never have I been so moved. Your passion and humanity was truly inspiring. I have tremendous respect for your courage in forcing General Motors to be answerable for their actions. But more than that, your unflagging dignity is something I will not forget. Last night as I tucked my children into bed I couldn't help feeling that their world was a bit safer, because of men like you.

Very truly yours,
Joanne McDaniel

Joanne McDaniel

product liability/car wreck

Brandon: I want to tell you and the staff at Butler Wooten Peak now thankful I am for all your hard work and effort put into our bus wreck case. Personally, without BP LLP I do not think we would have had any settlement. I am most appreciative. Hope we meet again.

Ed McLelland